Epoxy Flooring Tucson Arizona

Welcome to American Epoxy Arizona, home of the best epoxy floor installers Arizona and the USA has to offer. If you’re looking for epoxy flooring in Tucson Arizona look no further then us. We provide an assortment of custom flooring solutions for businesses large and small, home interiors, garages and exterior concrete areas, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, patios, pool decks, countertops/bar tops and much more. Take advantage of our residential, commercial and industrial flooring installation to improve your living space or work space and reduce maintance requirement at the same time. With our warranties your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

So your wondering how the process starts? First you start by calling us at 1-833-EPOXY-AZ and setting up an appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE. We then send one of our flooring expert to your property to asses the area your wanting to get done and make sure they will work well under the epoxy. If there are any major damages to your surface that need to be discussed or addressed, we will go over those with you so you can be prepared for your epoxy flooring. Once we have discussed your project and have gone over your application options, you then choose the best application we have for the type of epoxy flooring your wanting and needing. Prior to the floor installation your going to completely clear out the area that’s getting epoxied, if your unable to do so our team can assist in this just make sure to mention that to us. Most projects take two days to complete, however some projects are different depending on the complexity of the project. Our process includes removing your current flooring and diamond grinding the current concrete surface to promote epoxy adhesion, this is done while attached to a dustless vacuum and with the most newest high tech grinding machines. The preparation process is absolutely one of the most important processes of the epoxy floor application. We then patch any existing holes,divots, cracks, or chips that might be on the current flooring, to promote a smooth finish. Once those are done then our epoxy application process starts. When we pour our epoxy floor coating on your flooring it will also naturally fill any crevices or cracks in your concrete. This will create a solids smooth surface for you, your guests or employees to walk on. Once the application is done then you have to wait 48 hours before you can walk back on the surface. Then you will have a beautiful finished epoxy floor in Tucson Arizona.

After American Epoxy Arizona has completed your project you do not have to worry about your epoxy floor anymore and you should be able to get years of use out of it without any trouble. We are the best company for Epoxy Flooring in Tucson Arizona. This floor coating is incredibly durable, and it can withstand all daily abuse you can put it through. Because of the durability of the epoxy floor coating, you will actually end up with stronger, tougher floors in the long run. You’ll be able to maximize the use of your floors and get even more from your investments! We look forward to protecting your investments. If your looking for the top company look no further then American Epoxy Arizona for you Epoxy Flooring Tucson Arizona. Call us today at 1-833-EPOXY-AZ

Our Tucson offices are:

American Epoxy Arizona
4350 E Hayhurst St, Tucson, AZ, 85712
(520) 549-7772

Some benefits to epoxy flooring solutions for residential, commercial and industrial building.

  • Long Lasting Industrial Epoxy
  • Improved Durability Against Daily Wear and Tear ( concrete floors coated in epoxy last longer and resist considerable wear, thus saving you money)
  • Superior Resistance To Stains, chemicals, cracks, chips
  • Optional Slip Resistance To Protect You, Visitors, and Employees
  • Low Maintance Cleaning (once concrete has the epoxy coating, it is no longer porous since sealed and is therefore easier to clean)
  • Easy Installation- Epoxy goes right over your existing concrete floors.
  • Beautiful Smoothness and Sheen to Enhance The Look of Your Home or Buisness

Some of our Epoxy Flooring Tucson customers include:  

Jim Click Kia, Rubberized Tucson Coatings, The Ritz Carlton, Teen Challange of Arizona, Blessing-dale Thrifstore, Harpers Limited Cabinetry, many residential interiors, garages, industrial and commercial buildings, patios , pool decks, countertops, and much more.

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