Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about Epoxy Flooring previous customers have asked.

Why do I need an epoxy floor?

Concrete is made up of three basic elements, sand gravel and water. Over time these concrete floors can deteriorate , causing cracks, chips and divots. When Epoxy is applied it will protect the concrete from the elements that break it down, as well as provide an easy to clean and beautiful appearance .

How long does the entire application process take?

It takes about 2-3 days in most cases depending on the application used. Keep in mind just like any other home improvements minor adjustments will have to be made. With our Epoxy systems there are a couple minor I inconveniences-all things will have to be moved off the floor for the duration of the installation/curing prices. 24 hours Before anything can be placed back on the floor, cars, trucks and very heavy objects may have to stay off the floor for up to 6 days for the Epoxy application to be 100% cured. We will go over these things with you in lore detail before the installation process begins.

Will the surface be slippery?

We can make the Epoxy application very smooth or very textured depending on your preference. The more texture that is added will enhance the traction.

How long will the floor take to dry?

Foot traffic can begin 24 hours after the final coat takes place in most cases. 24-48 hours after final application you may begin to put light house hold items, cars and heavier items may need to take up to 6 days.

Why does the floor look mottled or transparent after the first application?

The very first application is a primer coating. This coating is thinned down to bond to the pores in the concrete once ground. This first step is crucial to your final product, keeping the amazing look it will have when finished. The primer coating its just the first step in the coating process which may very well be the most important part.

Will the application of epoxy change the grade of level of the floor?

The Epoxy coating will not change the contour of your floor, however we will repair spider cracks, holes and divots before applying the Epoxy application.

What States does American Epoxy Arizona Provide Service?

American Epoxy Arizona is available for coatings in all states.

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